The Desire

We have worked with learners of various ages, from different geographical areas and across different cultures and backgrounds. So what did we find in common between high school children in Malaysia, college kids in the US and professionals at a Scandinavian telecom company?

Most of them find learning (and specifically, online learning) boring. They are either afraid of technology or perceive learning as something that will happen to them automatically. Many people also see learning as a milestone rather than a stepping stone. For this group a diploma or degree is a mere entry ticket into a job market. They feel they need not learn any more than they absolutely must.

We wish to change that. We would like to help create an environment which turns learning into an enjoyable activity. We dream of the time when a car mechanic will spend his evenings on an automotive engineering course because he is designing his own car; a time when a 14-year old will know about the political ramifications of new taxes before we do; a time when an accountant will pass his CFA exam because it was too much fun to miss.

Technology can help bring this about. And we want to be a part of it.

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