The Plan

Any future learning environment ought to be designed around the learner. And it must be sustainable.

Imagine someone (your intended learner) staring at her mobile phone. You have something to teach her. You want her to pay attention, store information, recall it and apply it when she needs to.

It could be that learning is taking place while she is staring at her mobile phone. Or she is getting ready to learn on her computer screen (or for that matter on the television or the radio, etc). Whatever the channel might be, it has to be engaging enough that she looks forward to it.

The following are 4 items I would put on my scorecard for learning environments:

1. The environment should engage all learners, everyone from the aloof bookworm to the class jock.

2. The learner should see the content as relevant to problems the learner has to (or may have to or may want to) solve in real life.

3. The access to this learning environment ought to be scalable (think millions) and cost-effective (think almost-free).

4. The development of content, maintenance of the environment and the interaction with the learners all have to be sustainable and improvable.

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